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EXCLUSIVE: UPS dismisses 250 Queens drivers after they protested against long-time employee's dismissal -

Dude gets hit by car on job, is in a coma for ten days, returns to work with a performance only slightly less than prior to coma. UPS fires him for not being good enough. Fuck you, UPS.

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“The idea that animals have emotional lives and are capable of detecting emotions in others has been gaining ground for decades. Empathic behavior has been observed in apes and monkeys, and described by many pet owners (especially dog owners). Recently, scientists demonstrated “emotional contagion” in mice, a situation in which one animal’s stress worsens another’s.” —

A new model of empathy

people often ask why i don’t eat animals. there are so many reasons. here is one.



Mar 02

“Guys often say that you shouldn’t identify yourself as a woman on the Internet or that you shouldn’t have taken the pictures, but a lot of guys on Reddit freely talk about masturbating as if it was nothing — and no one [exposes them]. Women are told to limit what they do, limit what they wear, limit what pictures they take, limit what they write. We never seem to limit the rights of the guys who abuse us. Like, you should have the right to post things anonymously, you should have the right to privacy? If someone posted me on the Internet and at least attached their name to it I would somehow respect it. Like, OK, you’re an abuser, you’re an asshole, but at least you’re coming out publicly. People are abusing their anonymity to abuse the privacy of others. It’s such a hypocritical move.” — what happens when you’re doxxed

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To Those Struggling with Sympathy -



How do you treat the active drug addict/alcoholic when he/she dies from addiction? That is the question.

Conservative-minded people tend to take the approach that the overdose is a selfish choice. They had it coming. That’s what happens when you stick a needle in your arm. What a waste.

Jan 23

“We have a tendency, especially in an achievement-oriented culture, to want to solve problems and repair brokenness — to propose, plan, fix, interpret, explain and solve. But what seems to be needed here is the art of presence — to perform tasks without trying to control or alter the elemental situation. Allow nature to take its course. Grant the sufferers the dignity of their own process. Let them define meaning. Sit simply through moments of pain and uncomfortable darkness. Be practical, mundane, simple and direct.” — The Art of Presence

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